The following  are pictures of TASSD Officers at HSRDC Hoedown 2014 on the weekend of November 14-15-16, 2014.  Jan Albers, TASSD Singles Liaison & Parliamentarian was awarded the honor of 2014 HSRDC Promoter of Square & Round Dancing.  Jan also serves double duty as she is HSRDC Singles Liaison.  Among the many things Jan has done to promote square dancing this year are: organizing 2 HSRDC dances for singles, organizing TASSD and HSRDC Singles bus trips to square dances, sponsoring the start-up & successful continuation of Gulf Coast Rounds (Tammy Lee is the cuer.), and attending almost all of the HSRDC  square dance graduations presenting each student with a gift from TASSD (So far 168 students graduated during 2014.)  Jan is also Co-Vice President of Katy Prairie Promenaders Square Dance Club in charge of organizing specials and visitations.  Jan organized a successful bus trip for TASSD members to attend HSRDC Hoedown on Friday, November 14th, including a seafood dinner at Nicís Seafood Restaurant on the seawall in Galveston.  Jan decorated a table for TASSD with literature and solo ribbons and decorated a section for singles to help them locate dance partners.