(pronounced Tass-Da)


Whate are its objectives and how is it organized?
The Texas Association of Single Square Dancers, Inc. (TASSD) is a state-wide association of single square and round dancers.  It was established to promote and stimulate interest in square dancing among unmarried adults.

The objectives are to:

  1. Assist groups to start new singles square dance clubs

  2. Promote and oversee the annual TASSD Roundup

  3. Coordinate single's activities at the annual Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dance Festival

  4. Represent TASSD on panels and committees at state and/or national square dance festivals.

TASSD is incorporated as a nonprofit organization and run by the Executive Board, which is comprised of the President, four Area Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, and the immediate Past President. The officers serve one year terms and may be re-elected to one additional consecutive term in the same office. Elections are held at the annual TASSD General Membership Meeting at Roundup. Your dues for the previous year entitle you to a vote on all matters brought up for discussion.

The TASSD Executive Board is open to suggestions or ideas that TASSD members might have. Contact your area vice president or any other officer with your suggestion.

What is the TASSD Roundup?
TASSD holds an annual square and round dance weekend called TASSD Roundup. It is usually held the second weekend in March so that is does not conflict with other state single festivals. Roundup is held in a different city each year. In addition to a full schedule of square and round dance workshops and dances, there are tours, entertainment, light refreshments, after parties and more. Dancers attend from all over Texas as well as from other parts of the United States, Canada and other countries. Any singles club in the State of Texas may present a bid for a Roundup. Anyone wishing to do this should contact a TASSD officer for a bid packet with detailed instructions.

Who can join TASSD and how much are the dues?
Any unmarried adult, 18 years of age or older, and who is a Texas resident, may become a regular member of TASSD. Out-of-state dancers or married dancers may become associate members.  Complete the request application and forward it to the current TASSD Treasurer or give to any TASSD officer.  Dues are $7 per year.

What are Official TASSD Colors, Name Badge, and Dance Attire ?
The official colors of TASSD are red and white.

The member badge is a red square with a raised white Texas map. There is a small square dancing couple in the lower left corner and a star in the upper right corner. The letters "TASSD" are cut into the white Texas map. Members can buy these badges from TASSD officers. Most members hang a name and hometown dangle below the main badge.


            Members Badge

The ladies dress is a red skirt with a small TASSD patch sewn on the front right hand side. A white blouse is worn under a red vest that has the larger TASSD patch sewn on the back. The men's attire consists of dark slacks or jeans. A white long sleeved shirt is worn under a red vest that has the larger TASSD patch sewn on the back. Patches are $5.00 for the smaller patch and $7.00 for the larger patch.  They may be purchased from any TASSD officer.

Official Outfit

Members are encouraged to wear their TASSD badges as often as possible,and wear their TASSD outfit at special area dances, State festivals and at all TASSD sponsored dances. It is an outfit that will let everyone know that you are representing singles from the State of Texas.

How do I know what TASSD area I belong to?
TASSD is organized into four areas according to the Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dancers Associations.  Below is a list of associations that make up each area.

North Area

Southeast Area

East Texas
(Tyler Area)

Golden Gulf Coast
(Galveston Area)

North Texas
(Ft Worth/Dallas Area)

Golden Triangle
(Beaumont Area)

Red River Valley
(Wichita Falls Area)

(Houston Area)

Heart of Texas
(Killeen/Brownwood Area)

Sam Houston
(Huntsville Area)


Southwest Area

West Area

Alamo Area
(San Antonio Area)

Lubbock Area

(Austin Area)

Permian Basin
(Midland & Odessa Area)

South Texas
(Corpus Christi Area)

Southwest Area
(El Paso Area)

Top Of Texas
(Amarillo Area)

Who is my TASSD Area Vice President?

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